Swiss Chalet vs. Mary Brown’s Franchise Comparison

Have you ever visited a Swiss Chalet or Mary Brown’s and wondered what it would be like to own a franchise restaurant of your own? 

If you’ve considered joining a franchise but want to know more about what each franchise has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explain the differences between franchising with Swiss Chalet vs. Mary Browns and give you the information you need to make the right decision.


Signature Dishes and Product Offerings:

Both Mary Brown’s and Swiss Chalet are Canadian owned and operated franchises that have a focus on chicken dishes. Although they may seem quite similar, there are a few key distinctions. One of the first things to consider when it comes to choosing between the two is understanding the differences in their product offerings.

Swiss Chalet is famous for its rotisserie chicken. Their rotisserie chicken is made with fresh, Canadian-raised, grain-fed, preservative-free chicken and cooked in a rotisserie oven for 90 minutes. Aside from this famous Swiss Chalet crispy chicken, they also have a few other signature dishes, including their slow-cooked smoky BBQ ribs, fresh-cut fries, and their Chalet Sauce.

Like Swiss Chalet, the Mary Brown’s franchise is famous for its chicken. But Mary Brown’s fried chicken is made differently. While Swiss Chalet’s chicken is cooked in a rotisserie oven, Mary Brown’s signature chicken is made with Canadian-grown, Grade A quality chicken that is delivered fresh to each store location. It is marinated, hand-cut, hand-breaded and cooked fresh each day by our very own proprietary cookers which use heat to seal in the natural flavour and juiciness of the chicken so that you can enjoy our delicious, wholesome fried chicken.

But Mary Brown’s doesn’t just specialize in making the best, juiciest, and most flavourful fried chicken there is. We also have a number of other signature dishes we are famous for and which differentiate us from our competitors. 

Our taters are also among our signature dishes. Made whole and fresh from potatoes grown by Canadian farmers, our taters are cut and seasoned to perfection by hand every single day. We are also famous for our coleslaw, which is handmade in store from fresh carrots and cabbage. Additionally, the Big Mary Chicken Sandwich is another of our signature dishes that, according to the Daily Hive, is a Canadian favourite. 


Franchise Investment Requirements:

You may be asking yourself: what is the cost of a Swiss Chalet franchise vs. a Mary Brown’s franchise? Familiarizing yourself with the differences between product offerings for each franchise is an important first step, but knowing how much it will cost you to join a franchise is crucial in deciding between which of the two Canadian franchises you want to join. In this section, we will compare the financial differences between joining the Mary Brown’s franchise vs. the Swiss Chalet franchise in Canada.

Purchasing a franchise branch involves paying a number of franchise fees to the franchisor in order to secure the rights to use their brand, products, and operations. These fees are divided into upfront fees, which include the franchise fee required to purchase a branch as well as the liquid capital required to secure financial support from the franchise. 

There are also ongoing fees, which include royalty fees and marketing fees. Ongoing franchise fees, unlike upfront franchise fees, are paid on a monthly basis after a franchisee acquires ownership of the franchise branch.

Every franchise will have its own financial requirements, so it’s important to know what they are before making a decision. Below we’ve included a table comparing some of the different fees for Swiss Chalet vs. Mary Brown’s.

swiss chalet vs mary browns franchise

Franchisees must pay additional upfront fees on top of the franchise fee. Together, they amount to the total start-up cost for a franchise. The total start-up fee covers the branding and development of your future franchise restaurant, including things like real estate, construction, liscences, permits, and more.

The total start-up cost for a Swiss Chalet franchise is estimated to be around $550,000. For a Mary Brown’s franchise, the estimated total start-up fee is $840,000. 

More information on requirements to join the Mary Brown’s family is available on our website.


Training and Support:

When you join a franchise, you become part of a community that is committed to the success of the franchise. The franchisor is as committed to seeing your new restaurant succeed as you are and will provide you with the necessary training and support to ensure your business thrives. Joining a franchise will give you access to training programs, start-up support, and operational support. 

These training programs and support systems are covered by the start-up costs. And when it comes to these programs and supports, you often get what you pay for. So while one franchise may require a higher start-up cost, it will also provide more comprehensive support to ensure the success of your business.

The Swiss Chalet franchise offers an extensive 8-week, in-class training program to new franchisees. The program covers all facets of the franchise restaurant industry as well as their own internal systems and procedures. This training program is followed by hands-on training in the field within existing franchises.

Like Swiss Chalet, the Mary Brown’s franchise offers a training program and franchisee shadowing. However, Mary Brown’s offers more comprehensive pre- and post-opening training and support to new franchisees. In addition to our 3-week, in-class training program, we offer 24/7 access to an online training portal for both franchisees and staff. 

Mary Brown’s also has an operations team that offers support to franchisees. This team helps you optimize business results and provides ongoing support to help you implement, execute, and achieve industry standards. Using a mirror reporting system, they evaluate your franchise branch’s quality control, service standards, and hygiene and food safety to ensure integrity, consistency, and efficiency in service.

Franchising with Mary Brown’s also provides franchisees with start-up support that includes real-estate selection, development support, and design and construction management. We provide financial support to franchisees in a variety of ways, both directly and indirectly. Our purchasing team helps you obtain high-quality products at competitive prices, while access to high-impact multi-media marketing programs ensure franchisees are able to increase profits. Finally, we connect franchisees with expert bankers and business advisors to help you develop a business plan, manage your financing, and answer your loan inquiries.

With over 50 years of experience and almost 200 stores across Canada, Mary Brown’s is one of Canada’s fastest growing food franchises–and we’re only continuing to grow! We’re always welcoming new partners to join the Mary Brown’s family. If you’re looking to someday own your own restaurant, then look no further than Mary Brown’s. Join a community of more than 230 franchisees. To learn more about franchise opportunities with Mary Brown’s in your area or to inquire about the Mary Brown’s franchise experience, please visit our franchise inquiry webpage.