Crave Delicious - About Mary Brown's Chicken

At MB Chicken, it’s all about great taste. When we say Crave Delicious, we’re really talking about the kind of great taste that can only come from premium, locally sourced ingredients and careful, attentive preparation by hand. The kind of taste you crave.

Did You Know?

Our Signature Chicken Is

  • Locally sourced and never frozen
  • Marinated, hand cut, hand breaded and cooked fresh
  • Prepared in small batches, in each store

Our Taters Are

  • Made from whole, fresh potatoes
  • Fresh cut, perfectly seasoned and crafted by hand

The Big Mary® Chicken Sandwich Is

  • Handmade in-store from a whole chicken breast
  • Made with no fillers
  • Canada’s favourite chicken sandwich!*

Even Our Coleslaw Is

  • Handmade in each store from whole fresh carrots and cabbage

Our Secret

MB Chicken uses special proprietary cookers. Rather than frying with pressure, which is the industry standard, our cookers use high heat to seal in juiciness and flavour and give our chicken its delicious natural golden colour and delicious taste.

MB is real food, made fresh from scratch daily. It’s always been that way – and always will be. We won’t settle for less, and neither should you.

Our History

In 1969, while the world watched the first man walk on the moon, we celebrated the first Guest walking through the doors of Mary Brown’s Chicken in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador – the eastern-most province of Canada. Needless to say, it was a giant leap for chicken. Word quickly spread and stores began to open across the province.

By 1972, the secret of Mary Brown’s quality food had spread. More stores opened in Ontario, Canada. From there, growth expanded west to Alberta, back east to the Maritime Provinces, and out to the Prairies and the West Coast.

Today, there are over 250 Mary Brown’s Chicken locations across Canada, and that number continues to climb rapidly, both in North America and around the world – including right here in the United Kingdom!

Mary Brown's Old Store - About Mary Brown's

So, who’s Mary Brown?

Mary Brown was a real woman with an incredible recipe for fried chicken. After serving it to her family for years, her husband decided that the rest of the world deserved to eat as well as he did. He met with businessmen from Newfoundland, who immediately fell in love with the chicken, bought the recipe, and started the business. This was the beginning of a chicken revolution in Canada; the restaurant was named Mary Brown’s in honour of this real woman behind the recipe.

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